Operative Builds (updated for 1.3)

Imperial Agents in SWTOR can become one of two advanced classes at level 10, an Operative (DPS / Healing Class) or a Sniper (Ranged DPS). The Operative is a ranged DPS/Healing class with light armor. Operatives have three trees to choose talents from: Medicine (Healing tree), Concealment (DPS tree) and Lethality (a shared DPS tree shared with the Sniper Class).

Below I will list the best operative builds to use for your imperial agent so you do not have to wastetime figuring out what operative builds work best.

If you wish to submit a operative build please email it to admin@operativebuilds.com, listing what it is for and any other relevant information I should know about this operative build.

A lot of this information was found in the SWTOR forums under a post made by AstralFire.


Changes made to the Operative class in patch 1.3:

•The animations for Laceration and Collateral Strike have been improved.
•Survival Training now increases healing received by 1% per point (down from 3% per point).

Medicine Builds (updated for 1.3)

Builds that focus on the Medicine tree (Sith Operative Healing Tree).

PvE Healing Builds:

operative medicine healing build 35/3/3 - Operative Medicine Healing Build - This is the main healing build for operatives. Optional operative talents Include:

Slip Away, Sedatives, Evasive Imperative, Med Shield, or Chem-resistant Inlays.


Concealment Builds (updated for 1.3)

Operative builds that focus on the Concealment (DPS tree).

3/31/7 - DPS Imperial Agent Operative Concealment DPS Build - This is the suggested PVE melee DPS OPS spec.


Lethality Builds (updated for 1.3)

Operative builds that focus on on the Lethality DPS tree.

lethality dps build3/7/31 Operative Lethality Raid DPS Build - See rotation page on how to play this. This is a high dps that uses a lot of dots and high damage skills. As with all operative build it requires carefull management of your energy to maximize your damage.

Hybrid Builds


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