Operative Rotations

For an operative to do high damage or effectively heal they should know what skills to use and when.

Below I list rotations that should help you increase your PVE DPS and healing. Please contact me if there is something you want to add or if the information I am listed is not accurate :)

First a bit about how our resources work for our class, most of our skills require energy for us to use them. The less energy we have the slower our regeneration rate, what you want to strive for is to keep you energy above 60 as much as posible.

Current Energy Level
Regeneration per second
With Stim Boost



The other resource we have to manage is what is called Tactical Advantage. Tactical Advantage buff is applies to us when we kill ,Shiv or Hidden Strike a mob. Tactical Advantage can stack up to two times and each stack will increase your damage by 2%. Not only does Tactical Advantage give you a damage buff but it is also required to cast Stim Boost or Cull, casting either of these skills will remove one of your Tactical Advantage stacks.

Operative DPS Rotations

Letality DPS Rotation:

The priority rotation for this build is actually quite complex and requires management of several cooldowns, buffs and debuffs. First you want to do is keep Weakening Blast up at all times to ensure your DoTs do more damage. You also want to keep up Stim Boost (due to the energy regeneration buff and damage it does). Corrosive Grenade and Corrosive Dart should always be kept on target and if they are you can cast Cull. Both Cull and Stim Boost require a stack of Tactical Advantage(as mentioned above). You will want to reapply your Tactical Advantage when you use any of these stacks right away so your damage buff is maintained. This is done by killing a target or by using Shiv or Hidden Strike.

The I recommend the following priority rotation:

I would start with Hidden Strike as this is a high DPS attack that also gives you one stack buff of Tactical Advantage. As this requires stealth it will not be in the regular rotation.

  • Rifle Shot - when below 90 energy, this is a filler you use when you are not at max energy.
  • Shiv - when you need Tactical Advantage buff
  • Stim Boost - to refresh Stim Boost, remember this takes a Tactical Advantage from your stack to be able to cast this.
  • Weakening Blast - when you need to refresh this
  • Vital Shot - DoT you will need to to refresh
  • Corrosive Grenade/Corrosive Dart- when you need to refesh this
  • Shiv - To get another Tactical Advantage so you can cast Cull
  • Cull

    Is important to keep your energy high so you can keep using skills at a good pace.

    The AOE rotation for 4+ mobs:
  • Orbital Strike
  • Corrosive Grenade
  • Fragmentation Grenade
  • Shiv
  • Carbine Burst


Healing Rotation (This is priority Based)


PVP Rotations


Operative Stats

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